Time with Our Favorite Comic Geeks

I produce, write, shoot and edit this fun series with the resident geeks at Whatever Comics.

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I found my way to comic books in a desperate need for more Buffy. I turned to Whatever Comics in San Francisco. And now that I’m hooked, it seemed like a good time to get everyone else in the game.

There’s a comic book out there for everyone. See for yourself in this video where Rich and Desmond school you on all things comic books.

I created a series of Before-and-After with the geeks from Whatever. Before a new comic book movie opens Rich and Des get everyone up to speed. And after they see the movie opening night, I do a Facebook Live with them to review it.

The newest comic book movie, Suicide Squad, looks like it’s gonna be another disaster for DC. (Kudos on the consistency, guys!) Nevertheless, Rich and Des are here to help you prepare for the film. Find out what they hope and what they fear. And laugh, cause they’re hysterical. Duh. … So, how was it?

This was the first in the “before and after” series on the latest comic book movies that I produce. Find out what all the fuss over the new Marvel movie, Captain America Civil War, is all about. Folks, they’re not going anywhere, so just let Rich and Des get you giddy over the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe, for all you noobs).

X-Men: Apocalypse. Does it rock or suck? Watch them geek out about it before it opened, and watch their Facebook live review after.